Leg Day

I hardly wear shorts because I feel like I have reached that stage in my life where I would rather throw a couple dollars on a full outfit, or at least half an outfit than throw it on a pair of shorts that I wouldn’t get much out of. Right now, my wardrobe consists of only three pair of shorts and that’s because two out of the three are not denim, so they are different from the traditional pairs.

Style to me equals comfort. I hate wearing things that make me uncomfortable as they just make me grumpy and this is what happens every time I throw on a pair of denim shorts. I am constantly conscious of my surroundings and always pulling my shorts down to a ‘decent’ length with every step of my journey.  Could this be an age thing? or is this just me?

Anyway, on this hot summer day when I would rather have roamed the streets of Atlanta naked, I decided to pull out these denim shorts that I had put in my unwanted clothing bag. I paired the shorts with a tank top and my favourite Nikes. For the first couple of minutes after I left home, I kept thinking to myself, “maybe I should have worn something different.” However, I wanted to show off some legs and shorts were the first thing that came to mind because they are a perfect match for the heat right now in Atlanta.


Although I really love the colours of this outfit and the overall look, I realized that my clothing style is influenced by leisure and place. I say this because I was raised in Nigeria where it is almost a taboo to be overly exposed. I do understand that exposure is debatable and what works for a certain group of people might not work for another group of people. I would totally admire this outfit on another, if I saw them in the streets. However, the levels to which people are comfortable wearing certain things defer. A couple years ago, I would walk out of my house in some shorts unbothered, but on this day, all I kept thinking to myself is “WHO ARE YOU?” *lol*

I guess if my shorts were a little longer, I wouldn’t have cared so much. This is what happens when you throw on clothes that have been untouched for a year, thinking they’ll fit you just as they did. Or maybe my sense of style changed too, who knows?

Overall, underneath all my ranting, I actually really love this outfit and that’s why I decided to blog about it.


So, with all that being said, how comfortable are you with exposure?

In todays post, I am wearing

Bridge boutique tank top

Hollister Shorts (Old)

Nike shoes


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    you look flawless!! these shorts are amazing on you – i feel like you could wear them with literally anything 😀 your skin is beyond perfect btw ❤ in the summer, i'm super comfortable with exposure lol
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Messedupgal says:

    you should definitely wear shorts more girl! 🙂


  3. Ediyefunk says:

    U do look amazing and I particularly love how you tucked in the tank. Made it go from ordinary to extremely fab!
    However, those shorts are way too short for me. I was raised in Nigeria too but that’s not the reason I cannot do really short shorts. Maybe it is who knows?!
    I see a lot of young people wearing those extremely short ones showing half their butts and for the life of me, I cannot quite understand why anyone would consider that fashion! But yeah I’m probably just myopic or old fashioned.
    We over here are impatiently waiting for some heat. It’s been raining since April and I’m beginning to ask myself if bringing out my summer clothes from the cellar was a brilliant idea😂😂😂


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