Violating or Nah?

I guess I missed the NO PARKING sign even though it was written boldly. Or maybe I overlooked it, because guess what? This ain’t no car bih.

Lol jokes. I just really loved the fact that there was a shopping cart available for me to get creative with and just when I though I didn’t want to look stupid, I found the “No Parking” sign and thought that’ll be a great spot to shoot at.

This is one of my favourite outfits till date and I love how put together this shoot looks. I also really love the colour coordination and I would definitely be putting more outfits together in these colours.

Looking through the pictures as I upload and i’m like damnn Diizz, is this you yeah?


I picked out this outfit last minute and didn’t even realize I was draped in Zara from head to almost toe. For a while now, I have shied away from buying Zara because my wardrobe was almost Zara everything at a point in time and I wanted a versatile wardrobe. I hate being predictable in my dressing.

It is going to be so hard to stay away from Zara now, as they have so many good looking things in their new season and I’m now a Zara employee. I hope all my income doesn’t go to the store (haha).


Today I am wearing;

Zara top (Old)

Zara croped darted trousers here (I also like the white and pink)

Asos heels (Old)

One Comment Add yours

  1. meinheels says:

    Nothing wrong with Zara. I like them because they can make up the backbone of a wardrobe.


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