New Age, Who’s This?

I don’t know why anyone would not be huge on birthdays or get excited at the fact that they turn a year older and are given the opportunity to do new things and grow.

I see birthdays as an opportunity to start afresh and take on new challenges I was unable to in my previous year. To me, a new year is something to be grateful for, and I find myself happier going into a new age than the actual new year.

I make new age resolutions and set goals I would like to reach as I grow older. Apart from this, I also like to feel special on my birthday by celebrating it in some form because your birthday only comes once a year. May 3rd this year was no different, as I made sure I did something to feel like the birthday girl.


Although my birthday this year was a little more quiet than usual and not what I had planned originally, I tried to make the best of it.

I did not do much that day, apart from shoot pictures and have dinner with family and close friends later in the evening.

My birthday made me realize and cherish the importance of family. It wasn’t until May 3rd 2016 that I realised people are not always going to show up for you or be there for you just because you do the same for them.

However, like I said above … I always look forward to growth in my new age and that is one way teaching me how to grow. This year, I’m about to be on some “new age who’s this” mode.


Anyway, enoughh about my birthday. Let’s talk about this gorgeous denim skirt I fell in love with the moment I saw it on the mannequin. Denim has been trending quite a while now and I am in love with the denim skirt trend. Actually,let’s just say I am in love with everything denim right now. In my last style post, I am seen wearing a different style of denim skirt and I cannot wait to stack up more skirts in my wardrobe.

I actually bought this top and skirt together. I picked them up both as separates but decided to try them on together in the store because I did not want to try things on twice I loved the colour combination and decided to get both items. Little did I know I was going to shoot both pieces together. Definitely looking forward to styling them as separate pieces.

I paired this outfit with gold heels because I wanted something neutral that wouldn’t tale away from the detail in the denim skirt and the detail on the top.


In todays post, I am wearing H&M Top

H&M denim skirt

Schutz gold heels


Thank You for stopping by :*


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tope says:

    Nice photos!!! To a great new year for you!


  2. Always looking so stylish😊👍 + happy belated birthday


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