Keke Maruwa

It’s my last set of pictures with Nigerian photographer @Obisomto and I have loved every single one of the pictures that I took with him. In my last blog post shot by Somto, you all saw me pose next to an Okada (power bike).

Todays blog post showcases a different type of public transportation – it’s the Keke Maruwa (keke for short). Keke Maruwa is a cross between a power bike and a bus/car I believe. It is one of the most common public transportations in Nigeria. The Keke is also found in other places in the world for example India. I am not sure what it is called there.

As said previously, I have always been a fan of the streets and have always wanted to do proper street photography in Nigeria where I am from. I am glad Obisomto could help me out in a fraction of what I have always longed for.


We found a Keke that was not in use. At first I was a bit shy because every Tom, Dick and Harry that passed by kept stopping to see what we were up to. A passer by actually stopped by to tell me I was a beautiful girl and I had really nice skin.

Obisomto snapped me back into reality. He told me to stop being shy and just have fun with the shoot. “After all, is this not what you kept disturbing me for?” he said. I am glad I was able to ease into it and just be myself.

Demola (Somtos friend and colleague) did a good job of playing the comedian while we shot. In no time, I was myself again.


The photo above is a super fake smile I gave Somto just before we hit the streets. He was not about the street life and I was still trying to persuade him. He hit me with the smile for me line and I gave him this cheeky one a lot of people seem to like.

I guess smiling isn’t that bad after all. I am the pouting type (well in pictures). I smile in real life 🙂


On our way back from shooting with the Keke, I had to beg Obisomto to take this picture of me. At this point, he was probably tired of me. I’ll admit I am indeed a handful, but I am a sweetheart too.

Somto didn’t take this picture, Demola did because he seemed to have more of my time. Somto was living in the moment as he knew I was done with all my outfits and he didn’t owe me anything at that point in time.

This was a super fun shoot. I got to know Demola and Somto and I disagreed to agree so many times. Would definitely love to work with him again if he’ll have me.


Now over to my look. This is an outfit I have a love hate relationship with and it is because I have never been a fan of mixed prints. In very rare cases, I fall in love with Ankara mixed prints but other than that, I think it is super tacky.

I was brave enough to try my hands at it and although everyone else around me (family) said they didn’t like the look much, I decided to go ahead and shoot it because something in me thought it worked. As long as I was not getting myself involved in a colour riot, I was good.

Will I explore more mixed prints in the future? Maybe, Maybe not.


Thank you for stopping by.

Today I am wearing;

L’Agence halter neck

Topshop pants (Old) I like this option herehere, and here

Adidas sneakers



One Comment Add yours

  1. solafagbemi says:

    love the pictures and your outfit, you wore the mix of prints well..

    and yes I totally can relate with the people who stare… In Nigeria no one minds their business so if you’re about to have a blog shoot on the street just prepare your mind loool!


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