Okada – Nigerian Transportation

Damnnnn Hadiza, back again with another Obisomto photo :p

Yupp, I am back again with pictures from my shoot with Nigerian photographer @Obisomto

Remember when I told you all I wanted a shoot different from what Somto wanted? Well I got something close to what I wanted. I wanted a street shoot that showcased Lagos because really I am an outdoor person and I love to make the most of my environment. Well Somto did not want to go as deep into the streets as I wanted for safety reasons so we ended up staying within my estate.


Demola had gone around the estate in search of where we could take the pictures and to see if there were any okada riders in sight. Well he didn’t find any, but we decided to still walk around as a team to see what we find and basically just take pictures as we go.

I remembered my mums vulcaniser at the estate gate and I told Somto I’ll ask if we could take pictures at his shed. All I had to do was remind him I was Mrs Lawals daughter and he said we could take pictures. Sorry to digress, but I just have to add this in. My mum always says do good and good will come back to you. My mum has  the same workers everywhere she goes and they are always so happy at the mention of her name because of her relationship with them. I want to be like my mum, so that when I go places, people are happy and willing to help me out because of my relationship with them.


Back to our shoot, we shot at the vulcanisers shed and these are one of my favourite shots to be honest. He had an okada (power bike) that was parked there and we decided to use that as a prop. I cannot wait to make enough money to travel the world on my own terms and conditions just to explore places with the locals there. I still have not explored Nigeria as much as I would love to, so this is one of the places I am going to start with. I love my Lagos and I cannot wait to have fun with it. I am definitely going to blow out and frame some of these pictures because I am absolutely in love with them.

This is what street photography means to me. This is beautiful street art. I most especially love how my pinafore and the Okada come together to make a powerful statement in these pictures. Thank you Somto for a job well done.


In todays post, I am wearing;

BCBG  Joanne relaxed-fit tuxedo bib shirt

Zara Pinafore Dress (Old) Similar here || I like this option here

Adidas shoes


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  1. GraysBibi says:

    Lovely Pictures you’ve got!


  2. Lovely post, I really love your outfit !


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  3. Beautiful pictures!


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