High-Low in a Crop top

Hey Guys!

It has been two weeks. Two weeks and no style post from me. Quite poor because one of my new year resolutions was to post more often and keep you all updated. It’s difficult to do when you have school and papers to write but I still want to stay on top of my game and remain as consistent as possible.

I took these pictures a while back in Lagos. So this style look is actually part of my Lagos style diary – Obisomto x Wovenblends.


Funny how I hated these pictures when Somto sent them to me in raw format. I think I hated them because I still carried with me my attitude from the shoot. While shooting this, Somto and I disagreed so much. By all means, Somto wanted an indoor shoot and I hated that because it was not what we had planned from the get go.

Somto came to my house that day and all of a sudden decided he loved the interior in my house and it was a safe place to shoot. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but I have always been an outdoor person and really “bloggers pictures are meant to look all bright and lifestyle like”. Somto pushed me out of my comfort zone with these set of pictures and you can almost see the fakeness through my poses. I am glad Somto pushed me out of my comfort zone and out of thinking that bloggers ought to look a certain way.


If you are a social media person, you will realize that there’s a trending way to which bloggers like to take their pictures these days. Black, Grey or White walls and spacious surroundings. Now, I do like the whole concept, but I love to throw in colour too. So what happens if you do not conform the “bloggerish” way of taking pictures for the gram? Does this mean you do not grow, despite the quality of your content? I hate to compromise my beliefs and likes because I loose originality when I do so. Conforming to media trends is something I struggle with and it is alarming because you are never really sure if this adds to your growth or subtracts from it and no the problem does not lie here, it lies with people being closed minded to a certain look and style.

I gave up half way through this shoot because I did not think the outfit will look as banging in the pictures because they were shot indoors. This was one of my favourite looks I had put together and I didn’t want it to come out looking bleeh. When Somto sent me these, I was shocked, because I told him not to bother editing them. Imagine if he listened to me?

So thank you Obisomto for dragging me out of that because I almost got consumed in trying to follow a trend that was not necessarily a big part of me. I can’t wait to style these pieces again separately.


In todays post, I am wearing;

Asos Kimono crop top here

Cos Assymetric cut skirt (sold out) I like this option here

Gold heels (not pictured)

Thank you for stopping by xoxo


6 Comments Add yours

  1. You look great! I love the skirt! 😙
    Halla Jacobsen – http://www.hallajacobsen.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cassie Daves says:

    I don’t think there’s actually any rule to how you take pictures as a blogger, its depends on personal preference. I have never felt the need to take pictures a certain way and I didn’t even know it existed. Lol
    Just do you!

    I would have really loved to see the full outfit and your shoes.



    1. wovenblends says:

      Hey Cassie,

      thanks for stopping by and thank you for your feedback. Lol, shockingly it does exist.

      About the full outfit, this post was totally unplanned. As stated, I initially didn’t think i’ll like the pictures, so I really didn’t pay attention to detail. I agree there’s so much more to the pieces in this outfit and I will be styling them again separately in the future :*


  3. toying says:

    Hey! I really love this look, it’s totally chic. I actually have the same exact top from asos, what kind of pants would you recommend i wear it (i’m not really into skirts lol)


    1. wovenblends says:

      Hey Love! Thanks darling. Hmnn, Are you into shorts? I would wear high waisted denim mum shorts with it. Maybe jeans aswell?


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