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You know you have amazing friends when they are constantly looking out for you and pointing you in directions they think you might be interested in. Today, I am talking about Marie … because she is that friend.

No matter how much we fight, or how many disagreements we get into, Marie’s heart remains a heart of gold. Marie is Ivorian, so you already know what that means? Africans bond where ever we find ourselves.

So why am I talking about Marie?



So marie hit me up on Saturday, saying there was a project she had in mind. She said project and I am thinking, what business deal does this girl have for me? or what is she planning to do, because the word project suggests seriousness. I actually replied her message asking her where the money was at *LOL*

Side note: These days, I am constantly thinking about how to invest and make money

Marie then goes on to say her friend from high school (Chloe) is in town from Paris and she blogs too. She suggested we do a collaboration together and sent me her Instagram handle. She also told Chloe about me and sent her my handle.

After about an hour, Chloe and I got talking and decided we had to get together to shoot. At this point, we did not have a photographer, but I was bent on collaborating.


I started searching for a photographer and just when I was about to give up, I logged into my Facebook account and saw a message notification from a photographer – Just look at how God works. God put everything together for us and made sure our determination became a reality.

Three different strangers meeting for the first time can be a little bit scary if you ask me, but we all had so much fun on set of our shoot. Chloe is an amazing pretty lady and Taveres Harris our photographer was very welcoming. This was definitely the beginning of new relationships. Drake must have been kidding when he said no new friends.

Chloe brought a friend along and we all retired to some Starbucks right after our shoot.


So how did we end up in coordinated colours? I asked Chloe what look she wanted to go for and she suggested sporty or winter and we decided to go for a winter look. On the day of our shoot, she told me what colours she was wearing and that’s when I changed my outfit last minute to this not so winter look (explains why I was freezing my ass off).

The white pair of jeans I was going to wear initially was in the washer, so I picked these pants out last minute and decided to go a little vintage with it. I paired it with this denim top and my denim pumps and threw on my camel coat because Chloe mentioned camel as one of her colours. This is actually one of my favourite outfits I have put together because it was so random, but came out really good. I love the semi-casual feel it has.


I did not get that many pictures alone, because by the time it was time to do that, I was freezing.

In todays post, I am wearing;

Zara Top

Topshop Pants

Zara Coat

Kate Spade  Denim Pumps

Chloe is wearing;

Express Top

Express Pants

Aldo Shoes

Sandro Jacket (French Brand)

Thank you for stopping by. You can check out Chloe’s Instagram and follow her @chloe_insight.

Lots of Love,

Hadiza x Chloe






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  1. lamamahada says:

    My fave outfits are usually the ones i throw on randomly. Great photos, yall are stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wovenblends says:

      Me too, well once in a while. Thanks love :*

      Liked by 1 person

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