Lady in Red

It will be very cliché to write up a Valentines day post.

But here I am at 5:06 am, lights low, sheets tucked, in front of my laptop … thinking about how to construct this without being too cliché

I promise I did not shoot this on purpose …

Matter of fact, I was digging up old graves when I remembered this. The perfect shoot for the perfect day.


I shot this look back at home in Lagos, Nigeria over the Christmas holiday. Believe it or not (no ripley’s), Somto and I had been planning this shoot for over a year. I mean who plans a shoot for over a year??? Well, we did. Mostly me.

We were meant to shoot in the Summer of 2014 when I was back home. One thing led to another and we both got really tied up, two months in Lagos flew by and I was back in America with no shoot pictures from Somto.

We decided to try again. For the next one and a half years, we kept discussing how to execute our shoot. We finally did in December 2015

It felt like I had looked forward to this shoot all my life


I quickly went into my closet, picked out all the looks I wanted to shoot and sent them to Somto.

You would think with all the planning and time ahead of us, I had a clue what I was doing. Well the thing is I did, but Somto did not agree with it for many reasons.

So our planned shoot ended up unplanned. The great thing is, in these moments when you think things are not working out as they should, the unexpected happens and *GBAM* you suddenly realize that maybe it was not so bad after all.

Somto and I pissed each other off so much on this day. I felt like ripping my hair off my scalp mostly every single second of our shoot. We still piss each other off every now and then … but the thing about Somto is that he is such a goofball. It is almost impossible to stay mad at him. It is that feeling you get when you know you are absolutely mad at someone, then they do something a little extra and you’re just there like you know what, I don’t even know why i’m mad.

Somto is amazing, and he is the type you will love to have around.


Speaking about love, Chobsky once said, “we accept the love we think we deserve.” Have thought about so many ways to describe today and the commercialisation behind it and this is the best way I have chosen to understand the 14th of February.

People hardly remember that the true meaning behind Valentines day is to remember St. Valentine who was associated with a tradition of courtly love. This day is more commercialised than ever now, and it is the norm that it is shared with a significant other, forgetting that valentines day does not only have to be romantic.

People forget that valentines day can be shared with family and friends, also forgetting that they deserve love from family too and not just lovers. Ideally, love should be spread every single day. Not just a day, not just a month. Choose to love continuously, choose to love more than today. Choose to accept love every second, choose to accept love from anyone who loves.

I’m done being corny, now let’s move on :p



In today’s post, I am wearing one of my favourite dresses. It’s not very often that you find long dressy dresses in my closet. This very one struck my attention the moment I set my eyes on it – Even better that it was on sale. It was the perfect fit and hugged my body like a glove. I actually planned to wear it on Christmas day, but it was a little too over the top for what I ended up doing on Christmas day.

I am wearing a three floor fashion dress in todays look

My sisters clutch

alvin & aiden nude sandals

pandora bracelet

Photographer – Obisomto

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  1. iyamilele says:

    Love love love! This is definitely my fav post


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