This is NOT a co-ord

You read it in the caption first. This is NOT a co-ord. It is a case of a perfectly put together outfit in the same colour scheme. Yupp, you read that right. This is not a co-ord, neither is it a two piece. I did not purchase my pants and jacket together, although it would have been super cool if I actually did. I am year to find a coordinated piece I am super excited to wear together and not eventually as separates.

But hey!!! Why look forward to coords when you can luckily get two separate things that go together.


I purchased these American Apparel pants a while ago. I was drawn to them because of the neutral colour and also because of the style. I love vintage things and if you know me or follow my pages closely, you will know by now that my style alters and one of the things I frequently wear is vintage or thrift clothing.

On a perfectly normal day, you will not find me in an American Apparel store. Why? Because I do not believe in tacky. I think American Apparel is extremely tacky and expensive for nothing. I also believe in quality, so yeah, American Apparel is never ever my go to place. But on this faithful day, I walked in there because they were having sales.

I almost walked out when I was drawn to these beautiful pair of pants. I tried them on and loved how they fit. My sister told me not to get them because they were still pricey on sale. I am stubborn, so of course I did not listen to her. Even when I ask for advice, if your advice does not resonate with me or how I feel, I am definitely not listening to you.

The sales guy at the counter didn’t even help the situation as he talked me away into purchasing these. Ofcourse for days I contemplated about the price and if it was really worth it. Here I am blogging, and all I can say is HECK YEAH they were.


These pants are timeless. At first I had problems styling them, because I would just throw on anything. I figured these pants were worth more than I was advertising it to people every time I wore them.

I wore it with a chiffon top over the Christmas holiday in Lagos and I loved loved the look (I think I am actually going to blog that some time along the line). Anyway, I then wore this look out to lunch with my friend when I got back to Atlanta and I fell in love with it.

I actually took pictures that day, but I waited to reshoot and put out the best quality pictures of this and I am so glad that I did. If there is one lesson here, patience is key. These pictures are so much better than what I initially had saved in my draft.

The thing about statement looks, is that they are hardly ever planned or consciously put together and that’s what makes it so BOMB!

Today, I am wearing;

Zara Coat (Sold Out) I like this option here

Asos basic crop top here

American Apparel pants (old) Other options here and here 

Shoes – Converse all stars

Photography @dpicsphotography


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bookie says:

    The camel color looks so good on you.


  2. Lool at american apparrel be tacky and expensive for nothing… heck yeah! Urban outfitters too, like why?
    love how you paired the coat with pants, mustard looks great on you

    Liked by 1 person

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