New Year, No New Me

2015 was amazing, but 2016 is about to be even better!!!

I took a leap of faith last year with so many things. This year, I am hopeful for so many others.

No, this is not a new year,new me type of year. However, I am open to change and letting go off all my fear. This year, I am unstoppable in my creativity and the heights I will soar.

I am not waiting on people to give me opportunities I long for and have longed for. I am snatching those opportunities and opening doors for myself.



2016 is my year of fierceness. I proclaim goodness in my life this year. I am hopeful that I shall be sought out of millions in my generation.

I pray that God blesses the works of my hands and shines this little light of mine.


I am not making resolutions this year, but I am setting goals and a guidelines to things I would love to achieve by the end of the year.

This is about to be a year of hard work and perseverance. I pray that I am granted the serenity to trust my journey and seize from complaining or comparing my growth to that of others.


I decided to wear velvet for my new years post because velvet is strong and bold.Very few can pull it off and not everyone sees the beauty in it. This outfit reflects my personality and is in tune with the person that I am. I could not have chosen a more stylish outfit to start the new year with.


Seeing as New Years Eve is over, this would have been a magnificent recommendation for New Years Eve.

It also makes a great holiday outfit for New Years Day itself. Because the teal color of this dress is so unique and pops out, it can be styled with just about any color of shoes. I would recommend purple and yellow though.


This is currently one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe and I cannot wait to take it out for a spin.


In todays post, I am wearing

asos structured velvet skater dress (old)

schutz gold heels

photography: @Olanrewaju_v

Thank you for stopping by and cheers to an amazing new year!!!






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  1. solafagbemi says:

    your pictures are amazing!


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