Blue Silk Dress

Hey guys,

it has been an extremely long time. I promise I did not plan to take a break, but the past few weeks have been so hectic on my end. If you follow me on instagram, you probably know or do know know that I am currently in lagos Nigeria.

My plan while I am here is to get involved in as many collaborations as I can and make connections with creative people. I am also working on documenting my stay here and my journey through Lagos city. I have already started working on this with some instagram posts, which will extend into an actual journal with writing and pictures.

I am so excited for what I have lined up while in Lagos.


I have been here a week and I already got to work. I met up with Lagos photographer @Olanrewaju_v to shoot this dress I wore for my 21st birthday earlier on this year.

I designed this dress myself and had it made by Nigerian designer @Tojufoyeh. I sourced and bought the material at a fabric store in Atlanta Georgia about two years ago. I was home for the summer holidays in 2013 when I got this dress made. Due to the glamorous nature of the dress, I did not have an occasion to wear it to until my 21st birthday dinner. I took a couple pictures which I posted on instagram then, but I knew I had to get professional shots taken in this beautiful silk made dress.



I had planned to take pictures of various looks, but the photographer and I got caught up in our daily agendas and by the time he arrived, it was already dark. My other looks were just not coming to life like I planned. So I immediately opted out and said if anything, this blue dress will work wonders in the dark and in the scenery. I immediately changed and we got to shooting.

I wanted a really simple glamorous look as you can tell from my make up. I decided not to wear shoes, as I wanted these pictures in their rawest form. The style of the dress already had so much to showcase, and I wanted to showcase it in the best way that I could. Even after we viewed the pictures, we wanted to do better because this dress is so gorgeous. But we decided we will shoot other outfits and just publish these as they are.


I am looking forward to designing and sewing more outfits while in Lagos. This dress is one of the most timeless and versatile pieces that I own. I usually opt out of low backs and low necks because I have no breasts to flatter such looks, but apparently, they say people with no breasts pull it off real good.

This is a great look for an evening party this Holiday. Dress it up with some heels and some nice earrings while your hair is pulled back. A nice clutch would give that extra oomph! Going plain and simple to lunch? Put on some nice sandals and call it a day.


In todays post, I am wearing;

Silk Dress designed by me and made by Toju Foyeh

Location: My friends house in Ikoyi, Lagos

Photography: Olanrewaju_V

Thank you for stopping by, and see you in my next post.

Lots of love xxx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. brianaregine says:

    Gorgeous favorite! Great choice


  2. brianaregine says:

    Of fabric


  3. Ugonna Nwaka says:

    This is beautiful!


  4. Bookie says:

    I love silk, it’s so pretty and easy to work it.
    Beautiful dress.


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