Cocktail Ideas

Let’s get festive real quick with these cocktail ideas. The other day, I posted shrimp pancake canapés. Today, I am taking the shrimp love a little further by featuring these delicious prawn wontons and surf and turf dumplings. YES, I just said surf and turf. Dumplings made from fresh shrimps and hand cut steak does not get any better yes or yes? I also threw in some chicken lollipops in the mix.

Are you or your family members hosting soon? Do you need yummy appetizer ideas? Well look no further. These starters are great all year round for birthday parties, holidays, weddings and just about any special occasion. To see how I made these, continue reading 😉


If you follow my cooking, you know that I always use fresh ingredients when cooking. Todays post is no different.

Someone specifically asked me for the dumpling recipe, so I guess that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all today.


I started off by removing shells of my fresh prawns and then I deveined them. I hate prawns that are not deveined and I am so picky with my food that I will not eat prawns if they still have the veins in. This is why I hardly order seafood at restaurants, because not many actually devein their seafood. If you don’t mind eating prawns with the veins in, I guess you can skip the deveining part.

I used a total of 4 big prawns for the shrimp and beef dumplings. Keep scrolling to see the recipe below.


I seasoned prawns for the wontons and left to seat for about 15 mins while I did all the other preparations.

IMG_4150 IMG_4152

I used flank steak I had at home for the shrimp and steak dumplings. I guess any other type of beef works just fine too.

IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4172 IMG_4178 IMG_4180 IMG_4181 IMG_4187 IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4196

Dumpling Recipe

makes 11 dumplings

4 fresh shrimps

1 thin cut of flank steak


1 carrot

1 stalk spring onion

1 big garlic clove

Salt for seasoning

Soy sauce

wonton wraps

In a blender, combine the carrots, spring onions, garlic and chive. Blend until it is fully crushed.

Wash your meat and shrimps. After cleaning, blend until shredded and then season with some salt or seasoning cubes if you want. Not too much though, you don’t want it too salty.

Combine both blended ingredients and mix together.

Add a dash of soy sauce.

I used store bought wonton wraps for the dumplings. However, next time I am going to try making mine from scratch.

To mould dumplings, use a teaspoon. Lay sheets flat on a tray or plate and dish out your filling. To close up, squeeze from the sides.

Steam dumplings for about 5-10 minutes. if you noticed from the pictures above, I did not have a bamboo steamer, so I improvised with a strainer I had at home. I boiled some water in a pot, and put the strainer above. I also used non stick foil in the strainer so that the dumplings don’t stick.

Ps: Make sure your water isn’t touching the bottom of the strainer or whatever you use to steam. You want to steam dumplings and NOT boil them.

These dumplings are a perfect appetiser on their own or as an additional ingredient in a meal. I made chicken and dumpling soup from the leftover dumplings I had. I would be doing a post on that soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and thank you for stopping by.

Lots of love xoxo


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