Zara Body Curve

The weather in ATL is pretty amazing right now. I wish it would stay like this forever. It is in the perfect place between not too hot and not too cold either. Ofcourse with such great weather, I will have to show some skin.

Despite it not being cold, I still had to throw on boots. I have fallen in love with over the knee heeled boots. Personally, I feel the knee high heeled boots saga makes every outfit look stylish. Even when your pieces are not all that, heeled boots give that extra oomph! I love this pair that I recently picked up at the Neiman Marcus Last Call store here in Atlanta. After months of searching for nice quality boots that were budget friendly, I decided to go with this Charles David pair.



Initially, I really wanted knee high suede boots but I was tired of looking endlessly and all the ones I found that I fell in love with were too expensive for my pocket.

Moving on, I’m not here for the boots. I’ll speak more in another post about how much I love them. Today, I am talking denim and how a hate so strong has now become love.


I do not know if I have told this story before, but I will tell it again. I once hated wearing jeans. Once upon a time, some few years back, I was chunkier than I am now. Due to this, I never bought jeans as I thought they made me look bigger. Fast forward to when  I lost weight … my hatred for jeans continued. Only this time my excuse was I am too skinny and jeans do not flatter me.

I think it is only a case of finding the right jeans and then you are hooked. Not till recently did I find nice fitting jeans that actually suit my body type and make it seem like I have got bigger junk in my trunk. I got this pair in Miami, on my way to Cancun in September. I mean who would have thought?  I have searched all the Zara stores in Atlanta because I would like to invest in another pair like this one, but none of the stores have. These jeans are like my lucky charm and although I do not share them with friends or anyone, they remind me of the sisterhood of the travelling pants.


I love how this pair hugs in all the right places and it is not coincidence that they are actually called the body curve. Zara definitely knew what they were up to during the production process of these jeans. I love the light blue shade of these jeans. I think it is really unique, especially because I have not found this shade anywhere else.

Another thing I really like about them is how light they are. Unlike normal denim, they are not heavy on you. The only thing I think I dislike is that they are low rise. If you are like me and hate to wear belts, you’ll find yourself pulling these up every now and then. You’ll also have to be super conscious when you sit in public, so your butt crack is not open in everyones face.


Thank you for stopping by today and hope you have enjoyed reading.

I am wearing:

Zara Top (Old) I like this here 

Zara Jeans (similar here)

Charles David boots here

Lots of love,


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  1. Uche says:

    Hi, I loved reading your blog. You mentioned losing weight, please how did you do it? I need to lose about 30lbs but nothing seems to be working.


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