How to style a mini skirt.

Hey Loves,

I can’t believe it is the end of November and I am still able to step out in a boob tube and mini skirt. WOW!!!!

The weather has been so good in ATL and I am almost convinced we would not have an actual winter. I am hoping so, because I hate the cold and I hate having to layer up. However, the weather in this country is so unpredictable. One day it is cold and rainy, the next day it is hot like the middle of summer.

I wore this top for my 20th birthday dinner last year and I have not worn it much since then. It is a little too small for me, so I always struggle to put it on and take it off. As pretty as this top is, I hate stress, so I’ll rather not go through the hassle.


This is one of my favourite outfit posts because everything came together so well and also because I made my choker by myself (but that story is for another day). I love the detail in the outfit and I love the fact that the scenery compliments my look so well.

I would definitely wear this outfit to lunch with my girlfriends or out with my boo 😉 Usually, I shy away from mini skirts for several different reasons.

  1. Because growing up in Nigeria, you sort of kind of get judged when you wear extra short stuff that reveal your legs, NOT your bum, but your legs.
  2. I think I am a bit too slim for mini skirts or mini things in general. Very few flatter me.
  3. Nigeria makes you so conscious about showing skin. You think everyone is out to stare at you once you get in the streets.
  4. I shy away because I don’t want to be chased in the streets or be approached by pedophiles. I hate being called in the streets.
  5. You don’t want to get all dressed up and your Nigerian Mum/Uncle or Aunty is talking to you about what you are wearing.


And the list goes on ….

There are so many reasons why I shy away from minis especially in daylight. Matter of fact, when I wore this outfit, my mum went “Is this what you are blogging today?, it is not nice oo”. Then she said, how you dress is how you will get approached and as a child of God, you should not dress this way.

Apparently, my skirt is too short is all she was trying to tell me.

We had a big argument about this between and how I need to be able to switch up my looks. I mean I don’t always dress skimpy, and I do not always wear short stuff.


So in that light,

how do you style a short outfit, particularly in this case a skirt (a bandage skirt), to avoid all that scrutiny from family members or people in the streets. Here are three tips I find very useful.

  1. Bandage skirts are quite tricky. You want to look sexy but at the same time responsible. My number one way to style a short bandage skirt is to wear a lose fitting top or a stylish classy blouse. You DO NOT want to wear spaghetti straps or tops that show off your top half of your body. My rule when getting dressed is choose one part of your body to flatter. You can’t be walking the streets with your bum and your boobs out. Less is more, leave something for people to think about.
  2. Wear flats if you can. They take away from the distraction of your legs.
  3. Style your mini with a nice blazer or vest. This gives a more classy look.


Hope you find these tips useful and thank you for reading.

In todays post, I am wearing

Asos peplum top (old)

Bershka mini skirt (old)

Zara heels

Ps: I am selling this peplum top because it is a little too small for me and I do not have boobs to fill it up. If you’re interested, dm me on instagram for more details. My instagram handle is @wovenblends.

Lots of love,



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Bookie says:

    Shoes! ♡
    I particularly shy away from short stuff because of that unnecessary attention you know.
    Otherwise I wear short stuff to the beach where I wouldn’t look odd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wovenblends says:

      I can so relate with you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yue says:

    Haha! This tore me to pieces. The blouse was all the skirt needed to carry out the whole style. I can wear mini’s and Tee’s. Denim Mini’s and blazers. There’s this certain rare beauty that reveals itself when the skirt is worn with something unexpected.
    Oh! And I live in Nigeria, I get all that.. But I’ve come to a point where I make decisions for myself, trust and live by them. And society has nothing on me.
    If it really concerns the street people, they should ask me, I’ll explain clearly. And the people around me? My mum? I’ll do same to her.
    I’ve really learnt to live above that place the society puts You.
    I’ve learnt to be free for myself.


  3. Lydia says:

    Love the shoes..


  4. I can absolutely relate to your story about showing too much leg! I’m Indonesian. My mom’s cool with me wearing mini skirts or shorts but not in Indonesia because so far, the majority of the people here think similarly to how you described Nigerians. It sucks when you got a cute outfit together but you can’t wear it because you simply don’t feel comfortable to step outta the house in it due to all of the following crap.

    Liked by 1 person

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