Blues Clues

Hey all!!!

It is almost another weekend again, saaay whaaaat? Anyhoo, hope this week has been fantastic for you all?

Like I said, mine is packed with a lot of activities and as much as I cannot wait to get them out of the way, I also want to get them out of the way without thinking or hoping I performed to the best of my ability. So yeah, that’s my current struggle.

Hazida ATL-4-XL Hazida ATL-9-XL

Enough about that, I am back today with some more style pictures from my shoot with Lumi. It is the same location in Atlanta (Little Five Points) just a different outfit, duhhhh. *lol*

I love this top that I got from H&M some months back. At first, I got it just because hey it was “blogger worthy”. I mean a really cool top would look nice on the blog right? I was not thinking at that point in time, is this your style? how would you dress it up etc. So like many other things I have bought in the spur of the moment, this top sat a few months in my wardrobe with its tag still on.

Hazida ATL-10-XL Hazida ATL-12-XL

But then I went on holiday, I found the perfect fitting jeans. By the way, the material is so beautiful. These jeans feel like leggings/jeggings. In other words, you do not feel them when they are on. They are so soft and stretchy and they also bring out your body shape. I knew I had to get them when I saw them.

I mean if I didn’t get them, I probably would have had nothing to style my top with. Atleast, that’s my logic for why this gorgeous H&M top finally got its tag ripped off. I was initially going to save it till I finally got a job (Hint: I have been searching, so if anyone finds any openings that might interest me PLEASE PLEASE hit me up, thank you).

Hazida ATL-17-XL Hazida ATL-18-XL

I love how versatile this top is. I didn’t realize at first because I was not open to exploring all its options. Not until I actually dressed it up did I realize the beauty in its simplicity. I got so many compliments the day I wore it out. I can’t wait to style it differently and create a whole new look.

I would wear this outfit out on a casual date with friends or the boo* (if I had one). I would also wear this to work on a Friday, since Fridays are typically dress down days. I would wear this to a jazz club or to a concert I know would have seats of course.

Hazida ATL-19-XL Hazida ATL-23-XL Hazida ATL-24-XL

In todays post, I am wearing

H&M shirt (Old)

Zara Jeans here

Kate Spade heels

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Lots of love,

wovenblends xoxo


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Berry Dakara says:

    The shoes are hawt! And I LOVE the top. How on earth did you leave it untouched for a long time?

    Berry Dakara Blog


  2. Mysranne says:

    How on earth did you leave the top untouched, My God….. I’ve got a million and one ways to style it, more like a glorified peplum shirt……….. Love the look.


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