Triple Denim!!!

Hey all!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has started off with a great week? My weekend was so busy and my week is even about to be busier. I committed to beneficial events that I have to attend (bare in mind that I have two huge exams at the end of this week). I only just realised what I got myself in last week. I just hope I get through without regrets, sigh.



Moving on with a positive mindset about my week, this post fits into how I feel this morning … “Monday blues”. I struggled with getting out of bed, but it had to be done considering the amount of work I have piled up for this week.

In todays post, I am wearing triple denim. Yaaay or YAY? I mean because double denim is now too mainstream yh? Once upon the time did we have rules like OMG!!! You CANNOT wear denim on denim. If someone did, you’ll frown down on them and be like who the heck do they think they are? Like why would they even think of pairing denim with denim?



I mean, I still frown down at people who pair denim with denim, especially when not worn nicely. But then again, I see someone who looks so BOMB in their double denim outfit and I am thinking to myself, WERKKKK!!! YOU GO!!! *lol*

Initially, I was going to do double denim and then I remembered my denim liquorice heels. I mean why not, if not? I felt so prestige in this outfit. The whole vintage vibe got me feeling like a hot bomb you know. Especially because I took the pictures in one of my personal fave spots in Atlanta.



These shorts are one of my new favourite additions to my closet. I love the fact that they are high waisted. Not very often do you find me in shorts, but these mum shorts got me the moment I saw them. I knew I had to get them. Paired with this boyfriend denim tee, I think it looks even more bomb. It takes away from the skimpy look I could have produced with a tank or something tighter.

The heels also bring in their own touch. They make the outfit look sexy but classy.




Unconsciously, I ended up with an all blue outfit. I threw on this blue bag that my cousin gave me. It’s from grey velvet (a nigerian store). The bag added a little more colour to my overall look but did not detach from the subconscious look I was going for.

I also decided to style this look with my adidas trainers. When I first wore this outfit about two weeks ago, I wore it with the red trainers and it paired quite well. So I decided to take my trainers along as a second option. Trainers give the outfit a cool relaxed look and detract from the sexiness that the heels give.

I would wear trainers to a more relaxed function and heels to own an event. Which look do you prefer?


In todays post, I am wearing;

Asos washed out denim top (old) I like this here here and here

Asos shorts  here and on sale for 50% off

Adidas trainers

Grey velvet bag

Thank you for reading.

lots of love,

wovenblends xoxo

4 Comments Add yours

  1. stylestreet9 says:

    Love your outfit! You look bomb! xx


  2. itsallaboutsonia says:

    love this look


  3. Lydia says:

    The heels look classy on you.


  4. Lydia says:

    The heels are quite classy on you.


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