Word play with Lumi

Hey people!!!

Here is a quick one on the blog today. I have got to go back to studying, but these pictures just came in and I absolutely love them.

Let us just say I am blessed to have people around me who see what I do and actually relate with me on a certain level.

Atl Hadiza-37-XL

Atl Hadiza-33-XL

So just when I was thinking to myself, I need to update my blog. I need someone to take really nice pictures of me, Lumi hit me up. He said “hey, so I see all these cool photographers always take pictures of you whenever they are in your city”. I could not help but laugh when I read that. Immediately, I knew God had answered my prayers. He had sent someone to help me out with one of the things that I love to do most.

It is so funny how I have become friends with a lot of people off instagram and when we eventually meet, it is like I have been friends with them forever. I love people who I am comfortable with and people I do not have to “form” around. If you know me really well (NOT FROM A DISTANCE), you know that I am fun and down to earth. I loved that I was not in a shell with Lumi while we shot these pictures.

Atl Hadiza-34-XL Atl Hadiza-30-XL Atl Hadiza-19-XL

God just ALWAYS has a way of answering me when I need something. Despite my complains and me not appreciating him or life enough. I just know that recently whenever I think of certain things that I need or want in my life, God has a way of providing them. All of a sudden, I am then spoilt for choice with things I was just crying over.

I had so much fun with this shoot as you can tell. Lumi and I decided to do some word play. From the pictures, you see a variety of words on the walls. We shot these pictures at little five points (one of the coolest places in Atlanta to me). It is a little shady, so you have to be extremely street smart when there. Despite this, I love little five points because of its artistic ambiance.

Atl Hadiza-9-XL

One of the things I cherish most in life are equality and peace. There’s a saying that goes “not all fingers are equal”, and I know a lot of people always despite equality in the sense that it is not realistic, but if I were a preacher today, I would stand by equality. Another thing most dear to my heart is peace. I particularly love the quote “in the noisy confusion of life, keep the peace in your soul”. This is something I always try to abide with even in my lowest of times.

The picture below really speaks to me, because I was once that girl that no matter how many times you stab me in the back, “you did me wrong was never in my books”. That’s changing now though. I realize that people love to work all over you and would do so for as long as they can, so long as you do not react. I am trying not to live by the you did me wrong slogan, but hey! sometimes you just gotta remember not to let people stupidly walk all over you.

Atl Hadiza-1-XL

Atl Hadiza-44-XL Atl Hadiza-43-XL IMG_9412 Atl Hadiza-41-XL

I have so much more to say, but I gotta run. I find myself pouring out my personal views these days on the blog. I am slowly gearing into my full form as a writer. When I write, I write from within and pour out whatever I feel at that point in time. I love this because it takes a way the stress of completely thinking about what to write or put out on here. I love that it gives a natural feel to my blog. These pictures tell a story, not just one of fashion or style but a story of a young bold girl who is ever ready to take over the world.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

In todays post,

I am wearing BCBG dress

Micheal Kors platform sandals

Banana Republic Chain

I would definitely wear this outfit to a casual lunch date with friends or just to explore the city. I love how playful and chic it is. Anyone notice the different material at the back of the dress? It was love at first site. I can’t wait to style this dress with sneakers and give it a whole new meaning.

Lots of love,



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