Monday Blues

Hey lovers!!!

Here is simply wishing you an amazing week with love and laughter. Hope this week is filled with surprises and loads of your hearts desires. Have an amazing week everyone.

IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1532 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1525 IMG_1524 IMG_1522 IMG_1520 IMG_1518 IMG_1516

In todays post, I am wearing

L’AGENCE crop top (old) I like these here  and here

Topshop skirt (Old) I like these here and here

Kate Spade denim liquorice heels

I would wear this outfit to a book launch, to a birthday dinner and to maybe a wedding party or a birthday party depending on the crowd. This is one of my favourite looks on my blog. I cannot wait to style the skirt and the top separately. Hopefully, I can achieve this before winter kicks in.

Thank you for reading,

lots of love xoxo

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