Fall Colors in summer.

Hey Lovers!!!

This is a really quick post, as I need to get back to job searching and studying for my GRE. Been down recently, so I thought i’ll distract myself a little with this blog post.


IMG_1507 IMG_1476 IMG_1472

IMG_1488 IMG_1487 IMG_1502

IMG_1498 IMG_1500

A lot loved my look from one of my very first blog posts (link here). I loved the leather skirt so much, that I had to buy it in two colors. The inserted link showcases is it in black. The above pictures shows it in a burgundish/dark purple color.

I styled the skirt in a similar way as before, paired with converses. You can style with heels too for a more chic look. I love this outfit because it is a hybrid between fall and summer. It’s a perfect summer style that embeds fall colors all through.

What look do you prefer? The black skirt here or this current one?

In todays post, I am wearing:

Zara Shirt (Old)

H&M Skirt (Old)

Converses (Chuck Taylor Shoreline sneaker) here

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love xoxo

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