Atlanta Botanical Garden

Hey Lovers!!!

So I am going in a different direction with my blog. To be honest, it is boring getting dressed just to shoot photos. I mean, I like taking pictures. But it is very unrealistic putting clothes together just to take pictures and then ending up staying at home. I find that when I do this, I come up with ridiculous outfits I will never be caught dead wearing. So I decided to start doing something different. Sometimes, I’ll randomly put outfits up I have curated … and other times like today, I would shoot my day out in an actual outfit I wore that day. These posts will consist of my whole outing and what I got up to, as well as the outfit I went out in. I feel like this way, I can keep my readers more engaged because my posts will be more realistic. It is a win win situation if you ask me.


IMG_8907 IMG_8903IMG_8908

IMG_8918 IMG_8917





Todays post was a very spontaneous one. I started out going to Church yesterday. On our way home, my mum was asking about a botanical garden in Atlanta I had told her about. Had heard so much about it, but had never been myself. So we decided to visit. After I got dressed, I decided to pack a pair of heels along with me, so that I could shoot my look to the garden.

I wore this co-ed with lime prints all over. Co-ods are a thing now, however, not until very recently did I find a piece I actually liked from the bottom of my heart. This piece is perfect for summer days, and I cannot wait to rock it again in a different way. By the way, which look do you like better? Heels or flats? I wore flats so that I could be comfortable walking around the garden. I wore heels just for picture purpose. The botanical garden was so peaceful and it is one of the prettiest things in Atlanta. I felt like I was away on holiday in another city. If you are ever visiting here, it is a MUST go to place.

After the garden, we were all hungry (my mum, sister and I), so we decided to go have dinner somewhere instead of going home to cook. We ended up at Yard House in Atlantic Station. The service was quite slow, but the food was good. We were all satisfied with our plates and I would definitely visit again to try something new on the menu. I had the ‘surf&turf’ burger pictured above. The bun was zoo soft and the idea of lobster just gets me every time.

In todays post, I am wearing;

Oasis Co-ord skirt and blouse

Zara Heels

Tory Burch flats

Thank You for reading xo

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  1. Lovely print and I love your shoes 😻😻


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