Back to the 80s

Hey style lovers!!!

todays post takes you back to the 80’s. I love vintage finds and it is almost very impossible to let go whenever I find something vintage and cute. Let’s be honest, not everything vintage is cute. I got these stirrup pants at a pop up shop here in Atlanta and I feel in love the moment I saw and tried them on. Funny enough, I also got this vintage blouse on the same day from the same place and I tried them on together, not because I wanted to see if they fit but I was in a hurry and needed to try on as many clothes as possible.









One thing I like about my style is that it is very versatile and affordable. I can go from a tom boy to a classy lady in seconds. To me, style is not about trends or designer items. It is about what you like and what suits you. I love that I can play around with clothes from different eras. If I was not born in the 90s, I will definitely fit into another era. I’m like an old woman in a young girls body.

Ps: My shoot was inspired by the late Whitney Houston. If she was still alive, I definitely see her in this outfit. From the hair down to the shoes.

In today’s post, I am wearing;

Thrifted Stirrup pants

Thrifted Vintage blouse

Kate Spade shoes

Thank you for reading, lots of love xoxo

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