Hey Fashion Lovers,

get in here!!!! Going somewhere fashionable this weekend and want to be extra stylish? These Kate Spade NY flats are the perfect drive. I have had these shoes for just over a year, and every time I slip into them, i fall in love over and over again. I have had people buy them after they see me in them. YUPP, that’s how gorge these shoes are. There’s another pair that caught my eyes, but they got sold out and I am so mad with myself that I didn’t get them while I could.






Personally, black and yellow is not one of my favourite combinations. It always seems so off to me even though those two colours are like peas in a pod. However, I paired these yellow taxi flats with an all black look and I love it. Each individual piece in this outfit stands out on its own and they are great paired with other things. I especially love the black slacks. They can be worn casually and also dressed up to work on a week day.

The faux leather crop top paired with the slacks gives an edgy look. This shoot is one of my faves because the outfit is sexy and is a great contrast to the fun/edgy pictures. People have told me a couple times that I look like Rihanna. I beg to differ on that. However, I see a little resemblance in the pic of me with the no smoking sign. I also see RiRi in this outfit.

Speaking about no smoking, I put up an early teaser on instagram and someone commented saying I should have held a cig for the irony. I saw the comment and I had several thoughts running through my head. I was going to reply, but I thought i’ll address it here. First things first, I didn’t deliberately plan on taking a pic next to the no smoking sign, so there is no reason why I would have planned to hold a cig right next to it, especially as I do not smoke. Secondly, not to come off as rude, but smoking is not attractive to me, especially on girls, so I do not think there is any need to pretend to be something I am not, holding a cig for whatever reason.

With that being said, in todays style post I am wearing;

Missguided faux leather crop top

H&M Slacks

Kate Spade New York Taxi Flats here and same in heels

Hope you have enjoyed reading, and thanks for coming back 🙂


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