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Hey Guys,

Sorry for my delay in food posts. I have had school all summer and I have just wrapped up my classes. I have a couple exams next week and I am done. Anyways, TGIF!!! I hope everyone had a great week?

A couple weeks ago, my fam and I decided to grill. Knowing me and the kitchen, I took up the roll of the bbq and it turned out great. Had a slow start to lighting up the charcoal grill, as I have never lighted one before. I almost gave up, but what do you really gain from quitting? Glad I did not let the frustration of lighting it run me over.
















So I made a few of my favourite things, chargrilled chicken, suya chicken, boli (roasted plantain) and hickory smoked bbq spare ribs.

Chargrilled chicken recipe;

30 pieces chicken (thigh and upper thigh)

10 maggi cubes(singles)

1 tbsp thyme

bay leaf

1 tbsp oregano


olive oil

black pepper/white pepper

Marinade :-  Olive Oil

4 Tomato

1 Onion

Pepper (Ata rodo)

Dry pepper

2 cubes knorr

The process is really easy. Wash and clean your chicken pieces and poke with a knife. Season chicken with the above ingredients combined. While your chicken is being seasoned, blend your tomatoes, onion and pepper (as much as you want, hence the blank amount). Heat some oil in a pot, and pour in blended mix. Season with knorr and cook till extra thick. Taste for pepper and add dry pepper to suit your taste.

On a char grill, place your chicken. Cook for about 5 before you start marinading with tomato/pepper mix. Keep turning chicken until it is done on both sides.

Serve as you please 🙂

Ribs Recipe;


3 cubes knorr

soy sauce


handful parsley


Black pepper

hickory bbq sauce


Wash and clean bbq ribs and then place in a clean bowl. In a blender, blend all the above ingredients. Pour over ribs and let marinade for about four hours. When the ribs are well sautéed in seasoning, bring out and place over chargrill. Let cook for about 30 minutes, then brush with bbq sauce. Turn over after 15 minutes and brush with bbq sauce again. Keep repeating until ribs are smoky and tender.

You can serve with a side of rice or simply fries.

Hope these recipes come in handy. Thank you for reading.

My suya recipe is precious to me, so shoot me an email for inquiries about that. My email address can be found in my instagram bio.

Lots of love foodies,

Wovenblends xo


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