Hey Beauties!!!

It was my birthday about a week ago on the 3rd of May, and I turned the big twenty one. If you follow me on instagram, or you are on my snapchat or you’re my friend in general, then you know how big this was for me. I finally turned another milestone age, and it was exciting haha. Now that I am 21, I feel no different though and the hype surrounding the age is extra. Anyhoo, I did a pre-birthday shoot with one of my many photographer friends :p His name is Sottu, and just like Alakija, I absolutely adore his work. Below are some shots from our shoot.













I love this birthday shoot because it embodies so much in it. To me, it is grown, classy and sexy. The outfit is really mature and the “see through” tulle with a half way unbuttoned corporate shirt makes it so much sexier. I tried to embody a little gangster in some of my poses, to reflect the kind of person I am. I am so flexible and versatile and I hate being predictable. The balloons make this shoot a little more fun and girly too. I also went back to the boutique (bridge boutique) where I bought my tulle skirt, and that’s where I shot the photographs. For these reasons alone, I love this outfit and shoot as a whole.

With my new age, I hope to attain greater heights and move mountains. I am constantly working to the best of my ability to create the best version of myself. These days I am happier and this gets me so excited to explore. With that being said, the pictures were taken by @sottuphotography on Instagram and his personal account is @sottu

I am wearing;

Ralph Lauren striped Shirt, old. I like this here || Bridge Boutique Tulle skirt || BCBG Waist belt || Zara Heels || Zara Chocker old

Ps: The tulle skirt is not all the way see through. I pulled up the slip for the sexiness 😉 I’ll rock it the normal way soon.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,

Wovenblends xoxo

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