Mixed grill Shawarma or Shawurma

Shawarma or Shawurma is traditionally a meat preparation on a vertical spit and grilled. The grilled meat is then shredded, combined with shredded cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, onions and some times cucumber. It is then made into a “sandwich” or wrap. Usually, shawarma in Nigeria is made with lebanese bread.

However, lebanese bread is rare in regular grocery stores here in the U.S and I had not gone to the farmers market before I made this. Therefore, I settled for the usual flour tortilla and it came out just as nice as a usual normal shawarma wrap would. Also, I do not have a spit, so I used a regular frying pan for my meat. I did season my meat hours before though, in order to get it well seasoned.

Below is my recipe for some homemade mixed grill (beef and chicken) shawarma.

IMG_9248 IMG_9247












This recipe makes four wraps.

Marinade Ingredients

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon curry powder

2 teaspoons olive oil

1 tsp salt

2 knorr cubes

3 garlic gloves minced

1 skinless, boneless chicken breast (cut into 3-inch strips)

1 fatty beef cut of your choice

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp crushed/dry/cayenne pepper (optional)

Sauce Ingredients



Honey Roasted bbq sauce (optional, I used the chic fil a one)

Sandwich Ingredients

1 tomato finely sliced

1/4 cabbage (shredded)

2 carrots (shredded)

1/4 red/yellow onion

Slices of cucumber

Lebanese/Naan bread (Substitute for tortilla)

1) I seasoned my beef and chicken separately. However, you can season together. So season beef and chicken with all the marinade ingredients listed above. Let marinate for two – three hours or more, depending on how much time you have. (If you do not want to season together, divide ingredients in half and season separately).

2) In a non stick pan, fry your marinated chicken and meat until tender and golden brown. (If seasoned separately, then fry separately.)

3) Combine meat and chicken as seen above if you fried separately.

4) Add in your shredded onions, carrots, cabbage and tomatoes and mix all together.

5) Add in an equal amount of all your sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise and honey roasted bbq if you use it.) Mix it all together. I am leaving the amount of sauce you add in open to you, because not every one likes their shawarma extra juicy.

6) Split open your lebanese/nan bread (if you are using four tortillas, there is no need). Spread your mixed grill and veggies on the bread as seen above, and finally place cucumber slices on top, then roll your wrap.

7) Heat up a panini toaster and place shawarma wraps to toast. You can also use a frying pan if you do not have one of these. The frying pan creates the same crispiness, however, does not give the fancy lines.

Now you can enjoy your shawarma 😉

Note; you can also add whole sausages/hot dogs in your shawarma if you wish.

For all those who have asked me to put this up, hope you find it helpful and do give feedback.

Lots of love,

wovenblends xoxo

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  1. Tope says:

    Hi, love your foodblog recipes… Plz would really love if you can post detailed pictures of ingredients, it will be easy will shopping for it… Thank you


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