Just do it?

Hey Lovelies! Sorry I have not been as consistent as I would like. It is my last month of school and I have so much going on school work wise and with all the organisations I am a part of. I have hardly had time for myself, to do a lot of what I want to do. Anyways, with that being said … here is a style post to grace your screens 😉 Spring has finally kicked in with full effect and I am so happy to embrace the colours that come with it. I hate the weather in ATL now though. I know … I know, it is warm and all that, but I hate the pollen and all the insects that are out to play at this time of the year. With that being said, I can’t wait to pop off a lot of tags off my clothes and be more playful with colours and less to wear. It starts now with this post 😉 IMG_5581_2IMG_5607_2 IMG_5577_2 IMG_5573_2 IMG_5572_2 IMG_5566_2 IMG_5564_2 IMG_5562_2 IMG_5784_2 IMG_5605 Mr Alakija and I got together and this is the result of our awesome awesome shoot. I am such a huge fan of his works and I cannot stop telling people how amazing it was shooting with him. I was really and truly blessed by this privilege. The day before our shoot, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. After putting so much together, I finally decided to go to bed and let things play out. I had been saving this top to “rock” with another pair of pants that I thought fit perfectly with it. But as things had it, I ended up pairing it differently and absolutely loved the combination. This outfit was one I did not have to think twice about. It’s smart, but also fun and I think that is what I love most about it. It is mature, but also youthful. There are so many ways to describe this outfit in my opinion. The pants especially make a statement I love. They are unique in that not many people will buy them at a first glance, just because of their colour and how difficult it might be to pair them up. The truth is they are actually so easy to style. The secret behind bold colours is keeping the colour combination simple. Most people do not understand that the simplest things in life are the most beautiful. In such a chaotic world, we do not need more complex things. And with that, I leave you my style post this week. I am wearing; Asos crop top || Asos pants || Nike racer vintage || Zara Purse || Bridge Boutique necklace Thank you for the support so far and for viewing. Remember, for day to day updates, follow me on instagram @wovenblends and check out the amazing photographers page @alakijastudios/@alakija (He does engagement sessions,weddings,birthdays and all sorts of events. He might just be in your city/country next 😉 Lots of love, wovenblends xoxo

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  1. kiitanaxo says:

    Love thissss! The colors are so vibrant and perfect for spring time ☺️


  2. kiitanaxo says:

    Love this! The colors are very vibrant and perfect just in time for spring xx


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