Sweet eba cups x okra and stew

Hey Food Lovers!

Todays food post is a food item known to many countries, and it is valued for its edible green seed pots. The origin of okra is disputed, as it is known and eaten around the world. However, the way okra is made in different countries varies. Today, I am sharing one of the ways in which Okra is made in my home country – Nigeria.

Note: This is my recipe, for how I make and like my own okra.

Okra can be made on its own, to be eaten with stew. Or as a stew itself (Ila asekpo). I prefer to make my okra on its own and then have it with stew. Okra in Nigeria is eaten with a variety of staple foods such as rice, eba, pounded yam, semovita (rice flour) etc. I eat my okra with eba, because to me that is what goes best with it. This time, I decided to do something different with my eba. I made it with mashed plantains. Mashed plantains and eba known as sweet eba is something known to the Delta people of Nigeria. They eat sweet eba with bang soup (palm fruit soup). My aunt is from Delta and growing up, whenever I went to her house, I always looked forward to her sweet eba and bang dish. Until I learnt how to make it myself of course 😉

For those of you who do not like eba, try this method and your life will be new :p















Ingredients for okra

1 1/2 cups water

10 pieces okra

1 cube knorr

7 medium sized fresh shrimps (deveined)

4 crab legs & 1 body (cut in half)

pinch crayfish

half pepper (scotch bonnet/habanero)

crab water


Wash your okra and cut little bits of the ends off. Slice okra in half and slice each half into smaller slices. Then chop okra into smaller bits as seen in pic above. Repeat until all okra is chopped. In a clean pot, pour okra and one cup of water, and crab water. Boil for about five minutes and stir continuously.Pour in the remaining half cup of water if it gets too thick.

Note: I usually buy fresh crabs from the farmers market. I kill and boil the crabs myself, and freeze the water when done. 

After five minutes, add in your crabs and shrimp. Add your knorr cube and stir evenly. Also add in your pepper and boil for another 10 minutes. Then add in crayfish, let simmer for a few seconds. Okra is now ready to be served.

I served my okra with fried goat meat palm oil stew and sweet eba. The recipe for the sweet eba is as follows.


1 ripe plantain

1 cup of gari (dried and processed cassava)

Boiled water



Rinse your plantain and cut in half. In a clean pot, boil plantain with water and some salt. Boil your plantain till it is very soft, so that it is easy to mash and tastes better. You will know when the plantain is done, as it will change colour. You can also use a knife or fork to check the insides.

Note: The riper your plantain, the sweeter it is and the better your eba will taste.

After you boil your water, pour it into a bowl and add in your garri. Mix till it is formed. In a separate bowl, remove plantain from skin and mash properly. Add your mashed plantains into the eba and mix until even as seen above. Eba is now ready to be served.

I moulded mine into eba cups and filled it up with my surf and turf okra and stew. The combination was splendid if you ask me. This lunch idea was one I thought up for this months feature on @lookslikelagos on instagram.

I hope you find this recipe helpful and you enjoy it if you do try it (Nigerian or not). As usual, feel free to leave feedback and don’t forget to follow my instagram page @wovenblends 😉

Lots of love,

Wovenblends xoxo


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