Dear Fashion Lovers,

It is with sincere apologies I write this post. I would like to apologise for keeping my style away from you all for so long. My genuine reason is because it is so hard finding photographers that get you and the style of work you want. It is my responsibility to provide you with quality and the best photographs 😉 Not only does this attract you, but it makes me satisfied with what I feed you all and makes me feel a 100 times better than feeding you mediocre posts. With that being said … WELCOME TO APRIL on woven blends *dancing*

According to my calendar, this month is about to be HELL for me with regards to school work and deadlines. However, I refuse to be broken by the challenges ahead. I’m going into the month of April with positivity all around and an optimistic mind. My slogan for this month is: This too shall pass. In that light, i’m twirling into April in my Zara ensemble with happiness as seen in this post. I hope my happiness is contagious as you read 😉 Be motivated this month … You know why? Because you can do it, and YOUR dreams are valid.








In this post, I am wearing ALL Zara and I promise it was not planned. As a matter of fact, this was a one time combination. I did not need to think hard about it, and there were no I don’t like this outfit, or maybe I should do this to this outfit thoughts. I wanted something mature, something vintage(hence my up do). This was the perfect outfit for the way I felt. My sister says this outfit looks like my high school(GSL) uniform. Funny enough, I do agree with her. But it’s the imperfections of this look I embrace so much. Further, I think it is classy. These days, my look is how I represent myself … so I try to be as classy in whatever I wear … not just because people would have opinions on what I wear … but also because i’m at that stage of maturity and classy is what attracts me most when making decisions.

On that note, I got the opportunity to shoot with one of my best Nigerian photographers. Well he is Nigerian but lives in New York. He shoots everything and anything from intimate events to large occasions. He is amazing at what he does and his passion strikes through his works. To top it off, he is funny and amazing at heart. I had so much fun during this shoot, because there was so much to laugh about and I was not conscious one bit about my poses. Oh what joy it is to be free doing what you love the most, with people who understand your vibe and bring out the best of it.

To view more of this amazing photographers works, visit his instagram pages @alakija and @alakijastudios

Also, to keep up with me and my day to day life, follow me on instagram @wovenblends

Thank you for reading my woven blenders. I appreciate it so much. Sending lots and loads of Zara love your way this April and months ahead.


Food and Fashion Blogger WovenBlends


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  1. Alex says:

    Super cute outfit! x


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