Mashed Plantains x Shrimp sauce

Hey Guys!

Todays food post is something I know most of you would not usually try. But best believe me, you’ll be all in your kitchen whipping some mashed plantains after this. I am one who is so picky with what they eat and where they eat. Ever since I made mashed plantains the first time, I have been hooked. I made it the first time and then moulded it into sticks and baked it. That tasted sol good and I would be putting a recipe up in the nearest future for that. But first, let’t talk mashed plantains and shrimp sauce.




I had an extremely long week at uni. The last thing I wanted to do was spend hours in the kitchen cooking up a meal. I thought about something quick and easy to whip up that I would enjoy. At first, I thought sweet potatoes … but then I was kind of blank on what to make it with. Then I thought boiled plantains. I didn’t want something boring, so I decided to sMASH it up 😉

I thought well, we eat mashed potatoes so why not mashed plantains? It tastes equally as good, if not nicer, as plantains have a sweet natural taste. I’m a plantain fanatic and this is definitely one of my new favourite ways to cook plantains. Totally obsessed!!!! I decided to make this spicy shrimp sauce, that paired so well with the mash.

Recipe serves one


1 plantain

Olive oil

1 teaspoon butter

7 medium shrimps

1  and a half tomatoes


paprika (optional)

half a pepper (scotch/bonnet/rocket/ata rodo)

one onion

parsley for decor

knorr cube (or seasoning)



Peel onion, wash tomato and pepper. In a blender, combine 1 tomato, pepper and quarter onion with a bit of water and blend. Slice half onion and remaining half tomato and keep aside. Rinse body of plantain and slice in two halves. Fill up a wide pot half way with some water and boil with some salt. Whilst plantain is cooking, dice one clove of garlic. Heat up some olive oil and add in garlic. Fry your garlic till golden brown and add in your shrimps. Season shrimps with half of one knorr cube or whatever seasoning you have available. When shrimps are fried, add in your tomato, onion and pepper mix and leave to cook. Add in remaining half of knorr cube. Add in your remaining cut tomato and onion and leave to fry for about 2-3 mins. I added in some paprika to mine, because I wanted it a little bit more spicy than it tasted. By now, your plantains should be boiled soft enough. Peel the skin off plantain and put plantain in a bowl. Add in your butter and mash with a fork till it is smooth. Serve mashed plantain on a plate with your shrimp sauce and add parsley leaves for decor (optional).

Note; Food best served while hot.

When next I make mashed plantains, i’m going to get more experimental. Told my sis about my dish and she suggested some cream would be a nice extra ingredient just like in mashed potatoes. So I am definitely going to try that. Maybe add in some sweetcorn too? I’ll let you all know how it goes when I do.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, got a little surprise for you all on there (@wovenblends) 😉

If you do try this recipe, be sure to give me feedback on how it went and if you liked it.

Lots of love,

Wovenblends 🙂

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  1. I tried this recipe but with chorizo stew! it is certainly different! Unfortunately it was the green plantain which is the only type I can get where I am 😦 and that is not nice compared to the yellow plantain. Amazing recipes! Love your blog!


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