Pretty in Pink



Hey Guys!

Keeping this short, as I have an economics midterm to study for and I do not know jack at the moment. Going to be up all night getting myself together. However, I thought of you all and how supportive my readers have been in such a short time span. I decided to do this little style post.

My outfit in this is pretty simple. You know what they say though, simple does it!!!! I am wearing pink tailored pants, a white t-shirt and my one nation converses. To spice it up a little bit, I threw on some pearls. I like this outfit because although the pants are kind of serious, it is dressed down. I described the pants as kind of serious, because of the colour they are. If you work in a strict environment, it will be frowned upon to wear these pants to work.

However, thank God for dress down Fridays. Fridays will definitely give you an opportunity to shine in these unique coloured pants. Guess what? They hug your body in ALL of the right places. I like this look because it’s playful but mature at the same time. Further, look closely at my converses. Do you see they have no strings attached? Aha! You see, you do not have to worry about tying laces or tripping over 😉

In todays style post, I am wearing;

Missguided pants || Zara T-Shirt || Accessorize pearls || All star converses || Fossil Belt

Thank you all for reading, and I do hope I keep you coming back.

Lots of Love,

Woven Blends


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