Hey Fashion Lovers. The weather in ATL is warming up, so this might actually be my last style look for the winter. I’m so excited to get rid of all the extra clothing I have to deal with during the winter. However, as I write this post, I have fallen in love with the “vintage” mime look. For someone who is not a fan of winter and winter clothes, I am slowly becoming one and the credit is due to chic outfits like this one. When I get dressed, a whole lot of things inspire me. On this day, I wanted to look like a character, but not a funny or childish one and so therefore, I decided to dress as a mime artist.

According to the history of mime, “Mime is considered one of the earliest mediums of self-expression. Before there was spoken language, mime was used to communicate what the primitive people needed or wanted. Instead of fading into obscurity when the spoken language was developed, mime had became a form of entertainment. It then developed into a true theatrical form in ancient Greece, where performers enacted everyday scenes with the help of elaborate gestures. The principle mimes were known as ethologues, and the scenes they would perform would teach moral lessons.” – Tripod









Some days, I just want to dress up and look amazingly good. I wanted to dress as a mime not only because I thought the look was cool, but also because I longed for self expression. Often times, I get asked about fashion. However, nobody ever asks about my style. Fashion to me is a trend in the media. My style is what makes me different. It identifies me as the person I am and want to be. My style is what people see when they see me and how they recognise my persona. If you notice, I like my outfits and posts to reflect particular stories. This way, there is much more to just a couple pictures about an outfit. Yes, I have indeed become a fashion victim because of my style. However, my style is still a dominant factor in my life and in everything that I do. My fashion sense can be affected due to my style, however, fashion trends never affect my style (if that makes sense). For this reason, I thought of the outfit as something that will allow me personalise my brand and allow for expression of myself and how I felt that day. The pictures did it more justice than I even imagined.

In this light, I love these pants. They are my favourite pair in my closet right now. I got a size up online, as I was not sure of the fit. They were too big when they arrived, but then I decided to keep them like that. I made the decision based on the fact that I could make them more versatile that way. If I wanted to rock them high waisted, I would chuck on a belt like I did in this post. If not, I would rock them like regular pants. Looking forward to pair them with so many other things.

This winter look is a classic. It is really chic and classy to me. It can be worn to work, for job interviews, on dates, and just about anywhere really. For those of you in colder temperatures, you can pair this look with a nice black or colour coordinated coat ( I would say white, or red). You could also pair the boots with some cute freely socks or change up the booties to some nice cute boots with heels. There is so much that could work with this look.

@DolapoATL did a great job capturing every detail.

In todays post, I am wearing;

Zara turtleneck || Topshop pants (can also be found in Nordstrom) || Charlotte Russe hat || Fossil belt || Zara Scarf || Accessorize Chain || Steve Madden Boots from DSW

Hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading. Remember to follow on instagram, @Wovenblends.

Lots of Love,



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