Fried Rice & Honey Roasted BBQ Chicken Wings.


These days, every little second I get, all I want to do is cook up stuff in the kitchen. I’m happier eating more and cooking more. Also, for some reason this past week, some of my friends have come over on different occasions asking to cook with me. On this particular day, my friend Dami and I decided to cook some fried rice and chicken. Well I did. As usual, I did a freestyle in the kitchen and it turned out great. However, my freestyle was only for the grilled chicken. I wanted a different taste, so decided to mix a couple of stuff together. Below is the recipe for my fried rice and my free styled wings.

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For the chicken wings, you will need;

12 pieces chicken

2 honey roasted bbq sauce from chic-fil-a

one sachet soy sauce

two knorr cubes

pinch thyme

pinch rosemary

pinch oregano

crushed peppers

Olive/Vegetable Oil

Wash your chicken wings clean. In a pot/bowl combine all the above ingredients and let seat for about an hour to marinate. Place in the oven at about 350degrees and cook till golden brown or slightly dark. You need to keep checking the chicken and turning it in order to get it cooked evenly.

For the fried rice, you will need;

Olive Oil

Chicken stock


3 cups of rice

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

Pack of Mushrooms

Can of Sweetcorn

Pack of Carrots

Sausage of your choice


Red Onions

1 egg (optional)

Italian seasoning from publix (optional) can replace with any other

3 cubes knorr (1 for rice, 2 veggies)


Firstly, wash your rice. In a pot, parboil with olive oil, chicken stock, one cube knorr, curry, italian seasoning and salt to taste (do not make your rice too soft, if not it becomes mushy). Whilst the rice is parboiling, dice your onions, red pepper, green pepper, carrots, mushrooms and sausage and set aside. In a wok or frying pan, pour some oil (about two or three drops) and heat up. Add in your onions and fry till golden brown. Break egg into the onions and scramble. Add in your shrimp to precook. Add in red and green pepper, carrots, sausage and mushrooms. Then add in your spices ( I use the italian seasoning from publix and knorr. Sometimes I add in crushed pepper, if I want it a bit spicy). Let your stir fry cook for about 10-15 mins, so that the vegetables get soft enough but not too soft (I like my vegetables a bit crunchy).

When veggies are cooked, pour over rice and use the back of a wooden spoon to stir in. Using the back of a wooden spoon helps you avoid breaking the rice. When this is done, add in your sweetcorn (drain the water in the can first). Let rice steam up for about 5-10mins. Add salt to taste (if needed).

Now serve your rice and chicken hot. As seen in above pics, I used fresh tomatoes and parsley leaves for garnishing.

If you try this dish out, let me know how it comes out. This is my favourite way to make fried rice. I detest the “typical Nigerian fried rice”.

Below is a pic from another time when I made fried rice. In this, I used a different type of sausage, and I was short of ingredients.


Thank you all for reading. Remember to follow me on instagram @wovenblends

Lots of Love xoxo


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