Something Fishy


Hey Guys!!!

This recipe is up by popular demand. I made numerous snapchat videos as I made this dish, and before I was even done, I had people asking me for my recipe. Let’s just say this is a freestyle that went absolutely well. Therefore, I had to start thinking back to what I actually threw in. Fish is one of my favourite seafood to eat. Despite this, I am very picky with the fish I like. I DO NOT like catfish!!!! I don’t know if that’s simply due to the taste of the fish or because my mother over fed us with catfish growing up. You know when you eat too much of something and start hating it? What I do know is that I like titus, red snapper, salmon, mackerel and fancy fish of that sort 😉 In todays food post, I have used mackerel for this meal. Through pictures and my recipe, I will be guiding you on my journey to this spicy grilled deal. So get in here all my spicy fish lovers.











For the fish and shrimps, you will need;

3 mackerel pieces

handful fresh shrimps

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 pinch salt

2 knorr cubes

fresh chopped parsley

crushed peppers


white/black pepper

pinch thyme

pinch oregano


Clean your fish, and in a bowl season will all the above ingredients. Leave to season for about an hour. Heat your oven to 325degrees. Lay some foil on the rack and place your seasoned fish and shrimp. Slice some tomatoes and onions over. ps: notice I have left the amount of crushed pepper and paprika to add in out. This is because I put in quite a lot in mine and not everybody likes pepper. So feel free to take control of that.

For the sweet potatoes, I used korean sweet potatoes bought from the farmers market. Peel the skin off using a skin peeler. Rinse potatoes. In a bowl, mix with olive oil, some paprika and salt to season.. Add your sweet potatoes unto the foil.

The mackerel has its own oil which gives the food its own unique flavour. From the above pictures, you see how moist the fish turns out even after baking.

For the carrots, I chopped up some garlic and friend it in a pan with butter. I then added the carrots and then some coconut milk. Adding some water into the coconut milk will help, as it dries up quick and you want your carrots to get a little bit soft. What I do, is I add water as I need it. I don’t like cooking my carrots too soft. I like it soft enough to chew, but crunchy too. The coconut milk, butter and garlic combination gives a mild unique flavour to the carrots.

It takes about an hour even to bake the fish and sweet potatoes. Once done, you can serve straight from the foil as pictured. Just drizzle your food with some fresh parsley for “decoration.” This dish was inspired by the traditional fish and chips. However, I didn’t know how mackerel will taste in batter as I did not want fried fish. So I decided to grill. The sweet potatoes were also  a last minute option as I popped it in the oven. So happy with the overall outcome of this dish. Since everything is grilled, this dish is healthy. Also, a healthy version of oil is used. Further, what gets healthier than seafood? 😉

Ps: Mackerel also tastes great in spicy stew. (Will be putting up a recipe for that sooner or later).

Thank you for reading and hope you find this useful. If you do happen to try out, let me know how it goes.

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