The StationMaster.


And the story begins like this ….

Dolapo saw my instagram account and reached out to me. He said he thought my page was really cool and would like to work with me. At that time, I thought hey! why not? Another photographer, another blogpost. So we got together a couple months after and this happened. Dolapo has an eye for fashion and even more so detail. Dolapo pushed me beyond average. He brought out the real model in me and pushed for creativity in order to produce the best and showcase my outfit in the most fashionable way possible.



I am extremely pleased with Dolapos Fashion Photography. He has an eye for perfection and knows what quality should look like. Dolapo and I argued constantly on the pictures and editing outcomes. I wanted the cliche clear pictures you find on every blog. But he pushed me, he reminded me how important it was to be unique. He reminded me how I always preach about creativity. I am happy I listened to Dolapo. We worked well with my look and the surroundings we had. If I were a stationmaster or a signalman in life, I will totally rock outfits like this. I felt so chic in this outfit.

Everyday, I become more and more aware how important it is to accessorise your outfit. Accessorise can make or break an outfit. The more I throw on my BCBG coat, the more I fall in love with the cape. The best part of loving it is the price. This is definitely one of my best buys in my entire life, as it was a $40 purchase from $400. YES!!!! You read that right. Even I couldn’t believe my eyes when I picked it up, as it was one of those ones you find in the wrong section of the store just chilling for the rightful owner. In todays post, I paired this coat with white slacks and a green sweater. Although cold, I was not feeling boots with the outfit so threw on some black heels and finished off my look with a bowler hat and detailed necklace. If I was to rock this look again, I think I will do so the exact same way. I’d love to change absolutely NOTHING about it.

In todays post, I am wearing;

Zara Sweater || Topshop slacks from Nordstrom || Zara Heels || Aldo Chain || CharlotteRusse Bowler Hat || BCBG Cape

The pictures were taken at Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia.

Pictures: @DolapoATL on instagram.

I do hope you enjoyed reading. Come back soon & keep up with me on instagram @zidaah.

Lots of Love,

WovenBlends (Hadiza)

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  1. itsallaboutsonia says:

    Fab look shoes are lovely as well

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