C A M E L I Z I N G neutral colors.


Hey Camel (Oops, I meant Fashion) Loversss!!!

Hope everyone had  a great weekend and has started off to a great week? Todays blog post, is all about camel loving. If you follow trends, you know that this is turtle neck season. Turtle necks are definitely back and hitting the streets with style. But do you know that one of the trending colours for the fall winter 2014 15 is Camel? It is perfectly okay if you did not, because guess what? I didn’t know that myself. No wonder I am so in love with the colour this season.

IMG_4869_2 IMG_4858 IMG_4860_2 IMG_4914_2 IMG_4874 IMG_4870

Camel is so subtle, it can be paired with almost anything. In todays post, I paired it with just the white skirt and blazer initially. However, it was a little bit too chilly, so I decided to throw on some tights. This is one of my favourite looks and that’s because there is something about it that screams youth. It’s a playful and young look for people who do not experience harsh winters or get cold easily.

In my aim to keep it neutral, I threw on some cream and black pumps and my make up is simple with coordinating colours. If I were to recreate this look in harsher weather, I would wear much thicker tights and throw on a coat. I might also wear some boots with the outfit, or throw on some nice freely socks with my pumps. In this light, this is definitely a comfortable and versatile look I will be going for again. I feel like you don’t have to be naked with skin showing to look fashionable or be fashionable. This look definitely does that justice.

In todays post, I am wearing ;

H&M Blazer || Zara Turtleneck || BCBG Skirt || Marks&Spencer tights || Melissa Bow Flats || Ted Baker Bag

6 Comments Add yours

  1. tothemaxime says:



  2. Alex says:

    Super cute x


  3. Oroma R. R. says:

    That shade of camel – almost typed camel toe, yikes – really suits your skin tone. Great outfit. x

    / O.R.R.


  4. Sheila says:

    Hey Zara, I really like your blog and love your style of dressing, you are amazing and to think it has just been a month or two since you started, wow that’s awesome, well you have motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and to explore with my expression of fashion and things in General and I thank you for that. Continue yo keep posting because it does not go unnoticed.
    yours Sincery
    Sheila Ezugwu xoxo


    1. wovenblends says:

      Hey Sheila.! My name is Hadiza* love. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I really do appreciate it and times when I feel like giving up, it is people like you who push me. So I thank you for the kind words. I am well glad, I am a source of motivation to you. Thank you for reading.


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