SeaFood Okra.

Hey Guys,

I finally got the chance to blog about my sea food okra I posted on instagram a while back. I got a lot of questions asking how I made it. It is quite easy. Below are the steps and some of the ingredients I used. You can see from my pictures, that I cook with strictly fresh ingredients I buy from the Farmers Market. For my non Nigerian readers, okra is cooked differently from how it is cooked in the states. This is one of the many indigenous ways in which we cook okra in Nigeria.


Since I cook for just myself when in school, I cook in really small portions. However, this okra lasted two rounds. So this is for about two people I guess. I used about 6/7 okras.


Rinse the okra and dice it into really small pieces. You don’t want it in big chunks when cooked. Also, I used a quarter of an onion and one pepper (you can decrease or increase to suit your taste.)



For my seafood, I used fresh whole shrimp and crabs. I always use fresh food when cooking. I got the shrimps and crab fresh from the farmers market. The crab was killed at home and I boiled it with some knorr. For the shrimp, I put it in raw and it cooked in the okra. Some people do not like deveining their shrimps as it is time consuming. However, I do not like the sight of veined shrimps in my food.


What I did;

I boiled my okra with half a cup of water (you might need to add more), as the okra cooks. I added in some knorr to taste as well as my crabs/shrimp. I also added in the pepper and the onions as the okra cooked.


Then in a separate pan, I fried some palm oil. Another way you can add the onions in, is by frying it in the palm oil, before actually putting it into the okra. Initially, that was what I was going to do but then it skipped my mind. When the palm oil is a bit fried, add it into the okra and let simmer for a bit. Taste your okra and season some more if needed.

PS: You can throw in more things in the okra like kpanla (stock fish), snails, periwinkle, and the list goes on. I was just short of ingredients when I cooked this dish.



The recipe is simple as ABC. This okra is best served when hot. I had mine with some semovita, as that is one of my favourite “swallows”. You can serve with eba, pounded yam or even fufu if that’s what you feel like eating. Some people like Rice with their okra, however, I do not.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Check back soon for more recipes, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram – @Zidaah

Lots of Love,


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