United Colours of Thrifting


Hey beautiful people. Guess what? Today marks a month since I started blogging. I know, it’s not that long a time. However, I am really excited I have made it through my first month of trials and tribulations regarding the blog. There have been days, turned into nights of me screaming and regretting and then someone always has some motivation. So yeah, here I am looking all excited and bubbly in todays post. Like I always say, it only gets better.

IMG_4938_2 IMG_4943_2 IMG_4942 IMG_4941_2


In todays post, I am wearing United colours of thrifting 🙂 I love to thrift, and I love vintage finds. I found this  multicoloured kimono at a small thrift store in Kennesaw, Georgia and I fell in love with it immediately. The moment I walked into the store, the colours caught my attention and it was that moment then and there I knew it will be mine. If you’re not pairing this kimono with some denim, some nice pants will look just right with it. You can also throw on a waist belt to accessorise it.

Although todays outfit is really casual, it is fun. You can play around the kimono in so many ways. Watch this space (woven blends) for more looks in the Kimono. This look can be worn to work on a casual Friday (although you’ll need to get rid of the crop top and throw on something else), it can be worn out on a lunch date with friends, it can be worn to the movies, and just about anywhere you please. I used to hate crop tops, because I have a really ugly belly button and also because I am quite body conscious. I hate feeling like I am naked, especially growing up in a country like Nigeria where you are judged by every inch of skin you show. Then I discovered the art of pairing crop tops with high waisted jeans, and I have been in love since then. Paired together, crop tops enhance your slim waist and high waisted jeans flatter your figure.

In todays look, I have on wedges. Wedges are so much more comfortable than heels in my opinion, and if you nail the right pair, your outfit will be all sorts of glamorous. My favourite part of these wedges are the glass/transparent block. I don’t know what strikes me more, the transparency or the neon colour of these wedges.

In the thrifting, neon and fashion light, I am wearing;

Thrifted multiicolored Kimono || Zara Jeans || Misguided crop top || Asos Wedges || Coach Bag

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  1. Alex says:

    I just got these exact jeans. I agree! Very flattering x

    Liked by 1 person

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