Monday Blues.


Hey Guys!!!

As with every outfit and with every post, don’t know if you’ve noticed my trend of dropping something motivational in. Well todays post is no different. Yes, you see I bent the rules. I doubled up in denim. I took on the monochrome look in all blue. But it is no fun if I just tell you what I am wearing. Therefore, my theme for this post is the “Monday Blues”.

Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious at the start of the week? Do you feel sad? Are you stressed that it is the dawn of another week so soon? Do you lack passion and motivation? If your answer is yes, you definitely suffer from the Monday blues.

IMG_4753 IMG_4751


Fast forward a couple pictures, the Monday blues are when you suffer from a set of negative emotions at the beginning of the week, especially if your week is routine based.  Often, we dread the week because it is unpleasant, with all the real life things we have to go through. However, the week is unavoidable. These days, I start my week with positivity. I find that “the beauty of inspiration is in its unpredictable timing”. Just like this post. This outfit, these words, this motivation, all this was not planned until I decided to post up. I thought to myself, blue … what’s blue that people can relate to? Something people will gain from as they read.

I did some research on how to get away from the Monday blues. One thing that stood out to me and my blog was “dressing for success”. It is very important to dress up, be confident and show up flawlessly, ready to be positive and help others on the journey of positivity. Shake off all the sadness and shine your light on the week. Show what you are made of, share your spirit, be a magnet. Be true to yourself, for you are made for greatness.

In the light of this, no matter how simple you look on a Monday morning or any other day during the week, always dress for success and let that light within you shine. You’ll find that the start of the week is not so bad after all. Remember, everything is mindset. Just like this outfit, don’t complicate your week. I found that when I started doing things I loved, staying with positive and bright friends, I felt more at peace. When you have things like that to look forward to in the week, you’ll be jumping out of bed on a Monday morning. Challenge yourself today to positivity, plan for Mondays on Fridays and get rid of these blues.

With that being said, in order to remain the traditional Fashion blogger, I am wearing;

Asos Denim Shirt || Zara Jeans || Jennifer Simpson Shoes

Thank you for reading. I do hope you return.

Lots of Love,

Zidaah xoxo

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Really enjoy this outfit! Lovely blog too, emily x


    1. wovenblends says:

      Thank you & thank you for reading 🙂


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