Simple clothes for simple weather.


Hey All!!!

Hope you all are having an amazing week? It is almost the weekend, yaaaaay. Well today on the blog, i’m keeping it really simple outfit wise. However, this look can only be worn in really warm weather. So all my Africans and people in warmer parts of America, get in hereee!!!! There are two things I’m putting out today. First, is my look. Second, is a trending statement.


Often times, I like to forget I am a girl. I like to dress differently and explore other parts of me. If you know me, you know I am artistic and I love art. With this look, I was going for the “tomboy” feel. When I want to feel bad ass or like a boy, I throw on some trainers and a snapback. This look is really comfortable. It can be worn out with friends, to a friends house, to run errands and what not. Looking to be a little more serious? Throw on some heels and walk the streets 😉

Scroll up a few sentences and pictures. Remember my second point I was going to make? Well, this is it. When i’m unsure of a picture, I ask my friends and they’ll tell me oh the picture is nice, totally instagram it. In this case, the picture is “insta worthy”. Other times, they don’t make the cut. I do this swell, I tell them do not post … because it is NOT instaworthy. So my concern is, when is a picture actually insta worthy? What criteria makes the picture insta worthy? It’s so easy to get carried away thinking how the world perceives you and what you put out to your audience, when in reality, it’s really not that serious. Most times, people are not even thinking as deep as you are. If they are, it is only for a short while. They will be very alright with time.

Anyhow, with that being said the moral of my story is … I’m not always going to be glammed up and that’s okay, because not everyone wants to be glammed up and I am okay sharing less glamorous looks with my readers to let them know that you can still look nice in simple and less. My mother always says to me “Less is more”.

I am wearing;

Zara Pants || Zara Tank Top || Toms

Thank you for reading,

Zidaah xoxo


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